Letter # 1 : An Inauspicious and Slightly Pretentious Beginning

Dear Kaye,

In the times before we grew to adulthood we had the sandbox.  Though my childhood is often a bit foggy to my memory, I can vividly recall the feel, smell, look, and sometimes taste of the sandbox.  Mine was a circular affair, and puke green after years of basking in the sunlight.  Five bumps protruded around its circumference in turtlesque anatomy, and I frequently had as much fun riding Hot Wheels cars down the hexagonal bumps of its cover as I did building sand-pies.  The sand inside was my landscape, free of “keep off the grass” signs and alarms that yelled “be careful!”.  The older I got the less socially acceptable it was to make mud-pies, but as providence would have it, you and I came of age in the dawn of the internet where the danger was more in the fact that your sandcastles might last for forever than be kicked down by a bully or washed out by rain.

In case I’ve stifled your brain with circumlocution, this blog is our sandbox.  I have some buckets and one shovel, so we’ll have to share, but I think we can build some pretty awesome sandcastles.  Care to join me?

Because I feel that this whole thing started off on perhaps on what might be a slightly gaudy foot, I thought we’d trade word pictures of what is making our day enjoyable (or otherwise). And because I am chronically addicted to lists…

Touch:  A nice warm blanket that was a Christmas gift from the Lad.  I have the heater on full blast, but VA has done something to my constitution and I am constantly freezing.

SightParks and Recreation.  The more I watch, the more I fall in love with this show.  It is one of the few TV shows that has me itching to buy it.  That literally never happens.  I can count on one hand the number of DVDs I own.

Taste:  A stir fry I made earlier.  Though yes, there is massive amounts of sriracha sauce in it, so it is doubtful my tastebuds are currently in working order right now.

Smell:  Lady Gaga’s Fame.  I trust that we know each other long enough for you not to tease me for that….oh who am I kidding.  ….Okay, just found out that apparently it is a unisex perfume.  HOW WAS I TO KNOW.

Hearing: Young The Giant’s Anagram on their new CD Mind over Matter.  It is beautiful.
Reading: The end of Pratchett’s Witches Abroad.  Which you need to read post-haste.  Reasons will be forthcoming.


P. S. You still have yet to watch Frozen.  I still have yet to watch Spirited Away.  I don’t know if our friendship can take the strain.


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